Vital Stats

  • Price: $1.99
  • Current version: 2.4
  • Last Update: Feb. 1, 2013
  • Download now

For a full featured brewing app, you can’t beat BrewPal’s price. For just $1.99, you get features you’d have to pay $30 for on a desktop. You can make recipes, plan your mash and sparge schedule, and much more.

This app also has extensive libraries of yeast, hops, grains and extract.

Once you have your recipe made, you can easily set timers to remind you of your additions on brew day.

A cool feature is the ability to import and sync your recipes, so they aren’t just stuck on your device.

Overall, this is a good app to buy. It doesn’t do everything, but it does quite a bit for the price.

The newest version has updated yeast and hops styles, which was a needed update. After 2 years without an update, the developer recently started actively developing the app again.

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Brew Pal - David Parker

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